2013 Ford Taurus Owners Manual

2013 Ford Taurus Owners Manual -The new 2013 Ford Taurus is very good. Don't believe me? Read the following review. According to autoguide, the Taurus sent a wake-up call to the North American automotive industry, spurring Chevrolet and Chrysler to hit back with answers to the Taurus — although none came close to beating its initial success.

Last year, Ford sold just over 63,000 Taurus models in America. While not a bad sales figure, it’s still far from the car's early sales.

To recapture customer attention, Ford revamped the Taurus for the 2013 model-year, but will it be enough to shoot up Taurus sales to the level it once enjoyed?

From a distance, the 2013 Ford Taurus doesn’t look much different from the 2012 model. You’ll be hard pressed to distinguish between last year’s SE, SEL and Limited models and the 2013 versions. The new SHO does, however, stand out from the previous car thanks to its new nose and stunning 20-inch wheels.

Subtle as they many be, there are styling changes; like the wider front grille and a lower fascia. Around the side, you will find folding rear-view mirrors and perhaps even the optional 18-, 19- or 20-inch wheels (the base SE model has 17-inch wheels standard). While at the rear, you’ll find LED tail lights and dual exhaust pipes.

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